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The Gallatin Gardeners Club got its start in 1982 by a group of men who were avid vegetable gardeners at a time when Bozeman was smaller and many families grew their own food.

Originally organized as the Men's Garden Club of Gallatin Valley, the group was an affiliate of the Men's Garden Clubs of America. The garden club movement picked up steam during the Great Depression and spread nationwide as gardeners actively dedicated themselves to increasing productivity of their home gardens, improving the beauty of their communities, and enhancing their environment through gardening.

In 2014 the Club achieved its current non-profit classification as a 501(c)3 organization.

The club has grown and changed, along with the city and society in general, over the years. In 1992, the national organization voted to allow local clubs to allow women as members. Bozeman lagged behind this trend until 1998 when women were finally welcomed into the club as members. 

In 2001 the club changed to its current name, Gallatin Gardeners Club, and in 2005 members voted to drop affiliation with the Men's Garden Clubs of America. 

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