msu programs and resources

The Towne's Harvest Garden is a three-acre diversified vegetable and educational research farm supporting a student-run, community-supported agriculture program. Towne's Harvest Garden promotes learning about food production, the value of eating and supporting local foods, community building, and individual empowerment. The Garden is named after the Towne family, one of the original homesteaders in the beautiful Gallatin Valley.

The Master Gardener Program was first started by the Washington State Cooperative Extension Service in 1972.  It grew out of a need to meet an enormous increase in requests from home gardeners for horticultural information.  Master Gardeners have become a vital part of Extension’s ability to provide consumers with up-to-date reliable information.  Master Gardening has also given its participants a sense of community spirit, accomplishment and intellectual stimulation.

MSU Extension has produced several free guides on a variety of agricultural topics including crops, plant disease, range management, fertilizer, livestock, forages, pest management and pesticides, weed identification and management, and a variety of yard and garden topics.

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garden club videos

Our YouTube channel has several videos from over the years, produced by member Frank Erickson.

gardening tools

The ultimate weather station if you want to know current statistics of temperature, precipitation, solar radiation, growing degree days, wind speeds, etc.

This website brings together US weather data and plant pest and disease models to serve many decision support needs in agriculture. Currently this site provides over 82 degree-day and 23 hourly weather-driven models serving many IPM, regulatory, plant biosecurity, biological control, and conservation uses for the full USA, with emphasis on IPM needs for the Western States. 

Enter your spring frost-free date and this will tell you when to start seeds indoors or when it's safe to plant outdoors.

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local farmers markets

The Gallatin Valley Farmers’ Market provides an opportunity and location for local vendors of homemade food, handmade crafts and locally grown produce to market, display and sell their goods to promote economic well-being and support the development of home-based businesses. The Gallatin Valley Farmers’ Market has been serving the community for over 40 years!  The market is managed by Career Transitions, Inc., a local non-profit also serving the community for over 30 years

The Bogert Farmers’ Market is a place for families and friends to gather, socialize, support local and share in a fun-filled community environment! The Market is run by the  PARC Foundation, whose members commit the Markets revenues to the preservation and improvements of the Bogert Farmers’ Market and Bozeman Parks.

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other garden organizations

The goals of the Montana Native Plant Society are to preserve, conserve, and study the native plants and plant communities of Montana, and to educate the public about the values of our native flora.

Our club is dedicated to helping others learn about gardening and to appreciate the natural resources around us. Each meeting features a speaker or demonstration on some aspect of gardening, conservation, landscaping or floral design.

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